Virtual Merchant (Converge) Gateway Processor



This gateway add-on allows you to process credit card transactions through the Virtual Merchant (Converge) gateway from Elavon and its associated resellers. This module supports Credit card charges, one time and recurring as well as refunds through the WHMCS admin interface.

All transactions are handled by WHMCS using this gateway and customers will not have to leave your website in order to complete transactions.

AVS and CVV processing are optional and selectable through the configuration page of the gateway using the WHMCS administration interface.

Setting up HTTP referrers in the Administration website tells Converge to only accept transactions from a pre-approved list of websites. This action helps to prevent fraudulent users from submitting transactions from their websites, claiming to be you. If you want to use this feature you may do so by filling the Http Referrer field in the module configuration page.

This module has a test mode to run transactions against a “Sand Box” account from Converge. A test mode in live environment is also provided as optional. When set to true, transactions will not be forwarded to the credit card processor, but instead will always return an APPROVED result. This is a nice feature to test and configure your system.

This add on is encoded with Ion cube and needs a license to operate correctly. License error messages will not be displayed in the customer area but just in the gateway log available in the administration area. All transaction results are properly logged and can be inspected on the gateway log page of WHMCS administration area.


Add-on Requirements:

  • PHP 5.3 or later.
  • Works in Linux and Windows platforms.
  • IonCube (Version 4.4 or greater of the ionCube Loader is required for the encoded files to run)
  • WHMCS Running Instance.
  • Elavon Merchant account. You will need a Merchant ID, a User ID and a User Pin. This information will be provided by your merchant.


Purchasing a license:

A license can be purchased at for a price of $49 US Dollars. Script will be supported for one year. Upgrades can be purchased after that year upon request. License and script are available immediately after payment is accepted. Visa, Master Card, and PayPal are accepted.


Installing the add-on:

Download the zip file from your client area. Extract it on your WHMCS installation folder in your server. Open your WHMCS administration area and go to Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways. Select the All Payment Gateways Tab and activate the “Virtual Merchant (converge)” gateway by clicking on it. Configure the module by entering the Credentials from Elavon and the Purchase license Key. Enter the license in the Test Area labelled “Purchased License”. Make sure "Show on Order Form" is checked.


Important Notes:

WHMCS uses a “Cron” script to perform daily tasks, including recurring transactions. Please, note that when using this add on, due to license verification reasons, the GET method should be use to run the “Cron” Script, Using GET hxxp://


Contact Info:

For questions or to report a bug please visit:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

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